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Hot yoga is any form of yoga practiced in a heated room. The hot studio is kept at 105°F, with humidity levels between 30%-40%.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

Strengthening, Cleansing and Removal of Toxins

Hot Yoga strengthens and deeply cleanses the system adding intensity to the work that you would normally get in practice and raises the level of purification exponentially. Doing the same basic practice that you would in a regular temperature room, you will work harder in a heated and humidified room. Your body will get stronger, and remove far more toxins from the system.

The Heart, Internal Organs, and improved performance in hot weather

If people who have trouble with the heat take their time getting used to practicing in a heated room, they will begin to find that they have less trouble. On hot summer days, when they might have been suffering, they will probably be able to maintain normal activity levels and some may even become able to perform at peak activity levels. This is because the heart works harder. The work done in the heat causes the arteries to dilate and thins the blood so more blood flows as the heart is challenged to get nutrients and oxygen to every cell in the body. The internal organs are also challenged. As the body gets used to practicing in a heated environment, the system learns what to do to keep itself from overheating in this unique circumstance.

Increased Flexibility

The heat also softens up muscle tissue so it is able to stretch and open. Those who are less flexible will find this to be a huge advantage to practicing in a heated environment. This aspect of the heat needs to be handled with caution. While muscles, which might be tight, are more able to open so are ligaments and tendons, which you do not want to overstretch. The amount of opening and deep-stretching that can naturally occur as a result of a well-balanced Hot Yoga practice should not be pushed too far. In the long run, proceeding thoughtfully and with care, while using the heat to help you open your tight spots and trouble areas, will get you much farther than trying to blast through your restrictions as quickly as possible.

Types of Classes

Hot Vinyasa

This technique is sometimes also called Vinyasa Flow, or just Flow because of the smooth way that the poses run together and become like a dance. The word Vinyasa means "breath-synchronized movement." In a Hot Vinyasa class, the students develop skills of concentration and patience that help focus the mind as they increase physical strength, stamina, flexibility and overall health through a dynamic practice of continuous movement that helps rid and flush the body of wastes and toxins, thus cleansing and purifying it.

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